Hints and Tips

Aqua TV – Tips

Animation Problems

Not all devices have the same capabilities.  If the animation seems a little erratic or slow try going to the Settings menu and changing Quality to Fast or Medium. If there is still a problem, try reducing the number of fish in the scene.

Buying Items

Whenever you buy an item it is available in every valid tank.  So if you buy an ornament, floor or wallpaper you can put that in to all small, medium and large tanks you may have.

If you buy a fish, you can place as many as you want (size permitting), in any aquarium or the Tropical Reef.

So you could buy one type of fish and place hundreds of them depending on the tanks you have.


Shells are used to buy things to decorate your underwater world.  They can be bought using in-app purchases.  On some iPhones and iPads you can also earn free Shells by watching video ads.

If your mobile device is linked to the same account as your Apple TV, then you can earn Shells on your mobile, and spend them on your TV!


You can switch between the three provided soundtracks, have silence or play your own music.  To do this, select the Silent soundtrack. Then leave Aqua TV and start playing your own music from the device’s music playing system, then start Aqua TV again.

From the music menu you can also choose to switch off the water sound effects.

Shuffle Mode

Why not try out Shuffle Mode. This will change automatically between different aquariums (if you have an aquarium currently selected) or if you are in a Tropical Reef it’ll switch between different camera positions.

It can be accessed in the Settings Menu, and you can set the time to 1, 3, 5 or 10 minutes.


You can change your view using the Zoom facility.  This is in the Camera Menu. On Apple TV devices you can switch Zoom On or Off. On mobile devices you can use ‘pinch zoom’ to accomplish this.

Pan Camera in Tropical Reef

On mobile devices you can use a finger to drag the camera to look around.  When the menu is Hidden on Apple TV, you can pan using the trackpad.