Since the days of the earliest PCs and Macs people have loved turning their screens in to mini-aquariums – and they still do!
But technology has moved on more than a little since then…


Want to turn that big screen TV in to a stunning virtual aquarium? Then get Aqua TV – a fully customisable aquarium designed specifically for modern devices and big screens.

Populate your own personal tropical reef, or select aquarium mode and choose a tank then change the floor, walls, decoration – and of course fish – to make the aquarium YOU want!

All rendered in glorious 3D.

And all easily controllable straight from your touch screen or device controller!

·       Looks great on mobile devices, and even better on big screen TVs.
·       Beautifully created and animated 3D fish, with realistic Artificial Intelligence.
·       Choose aquarium mode or the awesome tropical reef.
·       Loads of customisation options to make scenes look just as you want.
·       Shuffle mode to switch between multiple scenes randomly.
·       Choose from multiple camera angles and zooms!
·       Select from three chilled out soundtracks or use your own playlists (on certain platforms).

Aqua TV is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Android Devices, Fire TV, MacOS, Windows 10, Nintento Wii U, Xbox One – and PlayStation 4 is coming soon!