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Aqua TV – It’s Everywhere!

Aqua TV is now available on just about every device you may have! We’ve been quite quiet on the Aqua TV website recently, but that does not mean we’ve not been working hard! Not only have we introduced a lot […]


Aqua TV – The Ultimate Digital Aquarium – just got even better!

Aqua TV has just had a MASSIVE new update! In January we launched Aqua TV – The Ultimate Digital Aquarium. Now, with the latest update, it can truly claim that mantle! On top of a host of small, but cool, […]


Aqua TV comes to Apple TV

Aqua TV is the ultimate digital aquarium for Apple TV! There are many aquarium apps available for Apple TV and iOS devices, but most are non-interactive and stream the same video footage over and over. Aqua TV is different! Aqua […]